I feel inspired by an interview with Dr. Gabor Mate to write on liberating the gifted (sensitive!) child as an adult. I love love love his work and the more I teach adults, the more I’m convinced that we were imprisoned and numbed by the industrial education system and unconscious teachers. The system that literally puts asleep all natural inclinations and curiosity with 45 min classes, one-size shaped, overloaded programmes, coming from „I’m not enough” disease so I have to work harder to avoid shame, punishment and judgement. Where there was only one right answer, one way of playing an instrument, one way of understanding a poem, one way of learning (by heart! – what did heart have to do with this heartless practice?). Where the only way to „survive” (not thrive) was to work hard-ER on 1000 of things we sucked at instead of developing the gifts that came easily, naturally and from the place of JOY. I feel sad and pissed at this prison childhood and see that there is an exodus of adults like me and my friends feeling lost and betrayed, sometimes depressed, drifting and hopefully eventually gradually undoing the straitjacket following their bliss. However not without guilt of having too much fun as an adult (finally like a child!) and avoiding some illusion of responsibility that our parents and grandparents accepted without questioning and maybe being too bloody selfish (and joyful) thinking about themselves for once, because (be careful) in the end you will cry anyway. My question is how much fun have you had at work today? And how do you measure success? (by money, prestige, power, social status, belonging to a group you want to identify with – this is how I was conditioned to think and I swear unlearning it still is a truly long and painful process for me) or by „how much joy and meaning it brings you and other people”? Are we still in prison as adults in this school of life? And who is this teacher we are constantly scared of when making a mistake?